1 Set Steel Warehouse Structure Delivered to Chile

January 26, 2024
3D design of metal structure
  • 63m(L)x45m(W)x10.75m(H) Pre-engineering Steel Structural Plants
  • Width: 45m=3span x15m(c/c of steel)
  • Length: 63m (10 Column)
  • Eave Height: 10/7m
  • Country: Chile

This is a 3-unit factory building, two of them are installed 2 sets of 15ton single girder overhead cranes, and the rest one is just for storage purposes, with no overhead crane installed inside.

In the first stage, we designed the metal structures according to the customer's dimensions and requirements, The customer made changes to the design, and finally, we provided a solution according to the customer's design, the order was finalized after nearly 3 months of negotiations.

The steel workshop is fully covered, front and end are equipped with sliding doors. Here are the final 3D design drawings:

3D design of metal structure

3D design of steel structure

All the beams and columns are painted with 0.5 hour fire proof painting(F30), we applied them in our workshop.

Below are the production pictures:

steel structure production 1

steel structure production 2

steel structure production 3

steel structure production 4

steel structure production 5

steel structure production 6

beams with fire painting 1

beams with fire painting 2

beams with fire painting 3

To avoid damage during loading and corrosion shipment, the cladding systems are all protected with waterproof cloth. Below are the container loading pictures:

steel structure loading 3

steel structure loading 1

steel structure loading 2

We can not only provide crane solution, but also the complete steel workshop solution. Just tell me your dimensions and requirement, our technical team will provide you with the most professional solutions.

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