1 Set of 3t Movable Type Electric Chain Hoist With Hoist Power Supply System Exported to Philippines

September 05, 2022

The detailed specifications of the electric chain hoist:

Lifting capacity: 3t;
Lifting height: 10m
Lifting speed: 5.4m/min ;
Traversing speed: 11m/min
Power source: 3ph 440v 60hz
Chain falls: 1
Control model: pendant control + wireless remote control
Duty group: M4


This set of 3t movable elecrtic hoist is used for 3t Monorail crane. The client buys the I-beam locally, and we supply the hoist and the hoist cross travel power supply(C-beam and cable).

The hoists are packed in wooden crates, and the C-beam are packed by plastic film.

Here we would like to share some photos with you!

t Electric chain hoist

C beam and electric chain hoist ()

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