Overhead Cranes Safety Options While Operating The Crane

August 26, 2012

An overhead crane is a crane having a movable bridge with a hoisting system which glides atop a fixed overhead runway. Operating an overhead crane is no child's play. These cranes are robust machines capable of moving enormous weight and heavy objects from one place to another.


Even a second's inattentiveness or carelessness can lead to gruesome accidents if the operator doesn't know the proper safety options on bridge cranes.

Additionally, there are vital maintenance procedures which play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of overhead cranes. It is therefore imperative to be very careful while operating these monstrous machines and all safety procedures must be correctly followed.

Overhead Cranes Safety Options

While working an overhead crane, the correct Overhead Cranes safety options can help you avert costly injuries and life-threatening disabilities. Before you begin to use the bridge crane, read the operating manual thoroughly as each crane has its individual specifications. Even then, there are certain general procedures applicable during use of any overhead crane.

  • Wear personal protective gear and head protective gear while operating or working near overhead cranes.
  • Before moving the load, always ensure that you have a clear line of visibility all around and lift the load high enough to clear any obstructions below.
  • Warn colleagues beforehand so they clear out the area over which the load is to be moved and never allow anybody to ride the load or the hook.
  • Move the load as smoothly as possible without sudden jerks in any direction. To lift load vertically and gently, position the hoist directly above the load before lifting it and lower it directly below the hoist. Always keep two complete wraps of ropes on the hoist to ensure a smooth movement.
  • Respond to signals only from the personnel operating the lift except for emergency stop signals; which can come from any direction.
  • Never exceed the lifting capacity of your overhead crane. Always test for balance by lifting the load a few inches off the ground before lifting it further.

Upkeep of your Crane

Maintenance is another vital area about which most of us become complacent over time. This can be a fatal mistake which can cost you in terms of time, money and health. Thorough inspections are a must every time you think of using your overhead crane. Take a quick look at the outside of the machine to check for any loose ends or hanging components.

Start the crane and check for any abnormal sounds or movements from the hoist, bridge or trolley. Ensure that the hoist is moving smoothly in all directions in consistence with the control buttons. Moreover, always wear standard harness and protective clothing while inspecting the crane.

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