Low Headroom Trolley Povide Pemium Qality And Drability

December 22, 2014

When considering options for an overhead bridge crane you may come across trolley hoists. Hoists and Cranes offers a low headroom trolley in their SHB model that features premium quality and durability in a low profile package. This industrial grade hand chain hoist and geared trolley configuration minimizes beam-to-hook distance making it ideal for applications where longer hook travel is required. This particular model of trolley hoist is regarded as one of the best limited space solutions currently available in the industry.

One of its biggest draws as an overhead bridge crane option is its easy operation with extremely low headroom for use where space is limited, efficient hoist drive train minimizes effort required to operate, and trolley wheels fit on both tapered and flat flanged beams. The maintenance-free sealed trolley ball bearings are lubed-for-life and offer smooth movement with low friction and long life and the SHB has a 20 feet standard lift with longer lengths available. Dependability is a key aspect to any piece of industrial equipment and this hoist has an all-steel construction for hoist durability with reliable hoist braking with double enclosed brake cover that keeps out rain, dust, and dirt. Along with a grade 100 heat-treated manganese alloy load chain that resists abrasion and wear and cast trolley wheels with steel side plates for heavy-duty applications this overhead crane hoist is designed to last in even the toughest of applications.

Options for this hoist include a broad range of chain containers in three different sizes: 05, 10, and 15. Containers are constructed from vinyl-coated canvas with a steel frame on top. The containers are prepared differently depending on the hoist model. You can also outfit the hoist with a different latch kit. Each Harrington latch kit contains a steel latch, stainless steel latch spring, attachment clamp, and all required hardware. The clamp attaches tightly to the hook neck, while finger lugs on each side of the latch allow it to be opened easily with either hand. A centering indentation on the bottom of the latch prevents the latch from slipping off the hook point.

Latch kits come in 13 standard sizes and can be custom manufactured for other neck and throat openings. Stainless steel hook latches are available for specialty applications. Additionally you can also add a load limit warning handle, top hook extenders, a point load hook, a slip clutch, and inspection hooks. Most of these options are standard fair for most models of hoists. It is recommended you speak with a specialist in overhead bridge cranes before altering the configuration of your hoist.


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