Industrial Equipment Items For Your Company In Material Handling

January 11, 2013

Industrial equipment is?an ambiguous term comprising all tools relating to a large-scale or manufacturing business. A large portion of said paraphernalia is involved in material handling. From?small items to large ones, these items need to be moved and stored.
If you were to make a list of all the items that can be purchased to move and store materials, you would be reading a long list. From the overhead cranes you see at the docks unloading cargo containers off of ships to the smallest electric forklift used at the corner grocery store, material-handling equipment is extensively varied. Let's take a look at some of the industrial equipment items you may need for your company.


This could mean anything such as paperwork, replacement parts, and larger items. You will need filing cabinets, storage bins, and shelving for your basic storage capacity needs. For a well-equipped warehouse, you'll need many items starting with lockable lockers the personal use of your workers. Your shelving should be rated accordingly as to the weight it will hold. Most heavy items are palletized for ease of loading and unloading by forklift trucks. For your smaller parts, such as the replacement parts you keep in inventory, you will need storage bins. These items come in plastic and corrugated cardboard and include many shapes, sizes, and configurations. A significant item will be lockable filing cabinets to keep your important paperwork safeguarded. Lockable heavy-duty cabinets can store your safety equipment and flammable materials.

Keeping It Clean

A clean warehouse or business means a safer environment for you and your employees. To move large amounts of trash or recyclable items, you'll need wheeled containers and hoppers. A hopper is usually a plastic container you can tilt forward for ease of removing the materials. Hoppers can also be large and made entirely of steel, which again, will require the use of a forklift.


In any manufacturing plant, warehouse, or grocery store, you can find a truck. Hand trucks come in two-wheeled and four-wheeled designs. The two-wheeled version is also known as a hand truck. Usually having two steerable caster wheels on one end and two floating caster wheels on the other, the four-wheeled versions are easy to load and unload while being stress-free to steer. The typical model measures four feet by six feet, with other sizes available.

Lifting Devices

These items can be anything from an electric powered scissors lift table to the largest forklifts that move cargo containers. The most popular of these trucks are forklifts. Available in electric and fuel-powered, these trucks are the workhorses of the world.
As you can see, the industrial equipment used to move the whole kit and caboodle is varied and sometimes complicated.


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