Coil Tongs

Electric coil steel clamp is a kind of hoisting equipment powered by electrical energy, which is mainly used for hoisting and handling steel coil items.

It has the advantages of easy operation, safety and reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, and is widely used in various fields such as ports, logistics, cold-rolled sheet production workshops of steel products enterprises, storage and transportation warehouses, etc.

Electric steel coil lifting tongs are mainly composed of electric motors, reducers, electrical control systems, gear transmission systems, etc.

Electric steel coil clamps are divided into electric horizontal coil hoisting tools and electric vertical coil hoisting tools according to the different placement and hoisting directions of steel coils.

The electric steel coil clamp is equipped with an independent remote control system. In the same workshop, multiple spreaders are used at the same time, and the remote controls do not interfere with each other.

Equipped with two sets of independent transmission systems, the upper transmission system can rotate the hook body horizontally by +90° or -255°, the lower transmission system controls the size of the opening of the hook body, and the hook body is equipped with touch-stop devices on both sides, which can reduce the hard extrusion of the steel coil. When the two sets of transmission systems are operated by the remote control, the button switches can be interlocked.

The load-bearing parts are all made of alloy steel, which ensures that the spreader has a long enough service life.

Coil Lifter is equipped with a lubrication system, and an oil-containing tank is milled in the lower groove of the sliding beam for lubrication when the sliding beam is retracted.The gearboxes of the upper and lower transmission are equipped with oil holes and oil labels, and the gear transmission adopts manual addition of grease.


Coil tongs drawing

Main dimensions (t) Loading A B C D weight (t)
15 450-1600 450 800 2500 2300
20 450-1750 500 800 2600 2800
30 450-2100 500 850 2700 3000
40 650-2200 500 900 2750 4000


Coil tongs case1

Coil tongs case2

Coil tongs case3

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