Peru Single Girder Gantry Cranes Project

September 15, 2013

2013.07.10 Peru single girder gantry cranes project is near the end.

This is the first client introduced by Mr.Jose, who is also from Lima Peru. In year 2012, Mr,Jose ordered 15 sets of 2 tons heavy column jib cranes and 2 sets of 3 ton semi gantry cranes. In Feb. 2013, 3 months after our cranes running in Mr.Jose's factory, we received inquiry from Mr.Jorge. He is Mr.Jose's upstream supplier and came to know us during his visit to Mr.Jose's. He was looking for reliable crane supplier of 5 tons gantry crane for his plant.
After confirming all details of the plant layout by Mr.Jorge, our engineers gave our gantry crane design for indoor use. Also to make better use of the plant space, we suggest enclosed busbar as crane power supply instead of cable reel drum for this project.
During the crane assembling, we came up with little trouble. Beause they didn't require us sending technicians for crane assembling assistance and due to short of technicians, Mr.Jorge has no enough skilled manpower for crane assembling. We sent him all crane assembling drawings and manual instruction and also suggested asking help from Mr.Jose because they are experienced at this. Finally, the crane is successfully put in to work with the help from Mr.Jose.

5 tons single girder gantry crane delivered to Peru
Products: Single girder gantry crane
Specification: 5 Tons, span length: 15M, Lifting height: 7M.
QTY: 1 set


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