Argentina Single Girder Gantry Crane With Low Clearance Hoist Trolley

Oct 31,2015
Crane news

2013.07.06, 2 sets of 4 tons Argentina Single Girder Gantry Crane With Low Clearance Hoist Trolley project, was ready for delivery in yard.

This is our first order from Mr.Marcelo, also our first order from Argentina clients.

Mr.Marcelo sent us this inquiry in March 2013 and information in his mail is pretty detailed. As there are 2 gantry cranes in their old plant and these 2 sets of 4 tons gantry cranes is for new plant.

After checking all the requirement details and plant dimensions, it turns out that normal crane design can't reach the expected lifting height. After discussion, our engineers suggest LDP model low clearance gantry crane.

low clearance hoist

gantry crane main bridge girder

Considering the cranes will be used in plant for glass crates handling, our engineers suggest vertical type reducer in order to save more space and dual speeds electric hoist for more safety operation.

Besides, our engineers modify the crane structure to make sure the two gantry cranes can be delivered by 1 pcs of 40 feet container.

gantry crane delivery

Upon the Argentina single girder gantry crane? Delivery, we send all the documents including custom clearance and operation manual. Following is pics after the crane assembling.

 ton gantry crane assembling

single girder EOT crane hoist

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