Kenya 10t Gantry Crane

February 19, 2014

2 sets MH model 10 t-6 m span Kenya 10t gantry crane project?on 16th May 2013.

The customer specialized in oil tanks manufacturing industry for many years, and customer prefer to Choose Siemens brand motor to equip the crane, this is accepted , after several times email discussion, we quote the price and send the perform invoice, and then lost customer new.

One day, I received a call, said he is in China now, and going to visit other many suppliers in Guangdong, Shanghai , so I invited him to visit our factory on the way, however, customer said he trust our company and me will guarantee the quality and service, so customer placed the order very soon when back to Kenya.

So totally about 3 month discussion, we have successfully confirmed the order on single girder gantry crane project?(2sets MH model 10t-6m span single girder gantry crane). And today 2013-5-16 we will deliver the Kenya single girder gantry crane?to Qingdao port.

Technical specifications for the ordered single girder gantry crane:
1.lifting capacity: 10t
2.lifting height: 7m
3.span length: 6m
4.crane traveling length: 43m
5.special demand: Siemens brand motor
6.quantity: 2 sets

10t gantry crane spare parts

Package of 10t electric hoist

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10t gantry crane
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