Uzbekistan Single Girder Overhead Cranes Delivery

December 16, 2015

18 sets of 5 ton electric hoist and 6 sets of single girder overhead cranes delivered to Uzbekistan.

In November 2011, we received inquiry from Uzbekistan, requiring 18 sets of 5 ton electric hoists and 6 sets of single girder overhead cranes. This clients is actually concentrating on sourcing out machinery from China to Uzbekistan. And at the first place, he told us this and inform us he runs a trading company. But what makes him different from other trading companies is he takes more consideration on products quality than price. And this also helps a lot when singing the contract, because our management offers a big discount considering his good willingness in cooperation.

Following is products fully packed before delivery, all cranes are packed by waterproof cloth and electrics by plywood crates.

hoist package

Uzbekistan single girder overhead cranes

When come up with the delivery, it takes much time for products loading cause the client requires 40 GP container instead of open top container for cost saving. But our colleagues finally finished the?Uzbekistan single girder overhead cranes?loading successfully.

crane delivery

By the way, from this deal, we get to know the process of overland transportation which helps us better serve clients from Central Asia.

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