16 ton single gridergantry crane

2 sets of 16 ton single girder gantry cranes delivered to Qatar

Item: 16 ton single girder gantry cranes

QTY: 2 sets

Mr.Fidaa sent his first crane inquiry in early 2013, it’s an inquiry for 50 ton double gantry crane which will be used in subway construction. That’s Mr.Fidaa’s first try in crane business but we didn’t get order.

We received this crane inquiry in October, 2014. These 2sets of 16 ton single girder gantry cranes will be used in precast Plant in Doha. What a coincidence, we received same crane inquiry from another client who is also from Doha. Since Mr.Fidaa had discussion with our management about his interests to be our representative in Middle East, so we informed the other client all this and helped Mr.Fidaa win this order.

Production of the 2 sets of 16 ton gantry cranes starts from March, to make sure the short delivery and catch up the bulk cargo. We use 45 days to finish the crane production successfully.

16 ton single gridergantry crane

The 16 ton gantry crane is of 37m span length, which is too long for containers, so we suggest delivery by bulk cargo and the main bridge girder is also produced in 2 pieces.

main bridge girder

In June 10th, we successfully load the 16 ton gantry cranes and send to the port for shipment.

send to the port

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