8 sets of 2 ton wall jib cranes in Peru-

8 sets of 2 ton Peru wall mounted jib cranes project

After 2 years’ cooperation, Mr.Jose, our valued client from Lima Peru, put the 4th order to us. They ordered 8 sets of 2 ton wall mounted jib cranes.
Mr.Jose’s factory is for pipeline processing, and during last 2 years, they have purchased 15 sets of 2 ton heavy column jib cranes, 2 sets of 3 ton semi gantry cranes and 1 sets of 5 ton single girder gantry cranes. This is a newly built plant for factory extension.

At first, they required same heavy column cranes as earlier order, but after checking their plant and analyzing their requirement, our engineers suggest wall mounted jib cranes. In this way, it saves a lot not only in money but also in time.

finished wall mounted jib cranes

It is very important for clarifying the H-beam dimensions, the bearing bracket is customized as per the H-beam details. We make it clear after asking for plant pics and layout from Mr.Jose.

jib crane bearing bracket

For our wall mounted jib crane, it’s much different from same type of other supplier in China. Cause our engineer, Mr.Zhang, is one of those who drafted the “National Standard of Cantilever Crane Manufacturing”. Also, we update the technology for rotating shaft during our cooperation with German company, which makes the crane rotation more stable.
Assembling and commissioning of 8 sets of peru wall mounted jib cranes have been finished in Lima.

peru wall mounted jib cranes


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