4 Sets Crane Wheel Assemblies Delivered to Poland

March 18, 2024
Package picture of crane wheel assembly scaled

Driving and Idle Crane Wheel Set with Double Flange

  • Size : Ø1000 x210 mm
  • Crane wheel material:42CrMo
  • Bearing brand: SKF Brand
  • Crane wheel tread surface hardness: 45-50 HRC
  • Depth:6-8 mm
  • Crane shaft size: Ø240 x 815 mm
  • Material of crane shaft: 42Crmo
  • Material of bearing block: Q355B
  • Surface hardness: HB220-260
  • Drawing No: 21064.WM.
  • Net Weight: About 1800 kg/set include shaft.

This is a very well-known company in Poland, and we've worked together many times. The Customer requirements of these crane wheels are relatively strict, UT inspection to meet the standard EN10228-3:2016, MT inspection to meet the standard EN10228-1:2016. We can meet the customer requirements of the crane wheel and successfully pass the BV test.

Here are some photos of our crane wheel assemblies:

Driving Crane Wheel Set with double flange

crane wheel assembly

Package picture of crane wheel assembly scaled

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We can customize crane and it's accessories according to your needs, just tell me your specifications, and our technical team will provide you with the most professional solutions.

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