After a lapse of six years, the customer purchases cranes of the same specification again( Ethiopia)

October 09, 2022
Shipment 2022
  • Type: LD Single Girder Overhead Crane
  • Capacity: 5ton
  • Span length: 21.35m & 22.9m
  • Lifting height: 4m
  • Work duty: A3
  • Control mode: Remote control + Pendant control
  • Power source: 380V/50Hz/3Ph

Our friend, Michael, visited our factory in 2016, and purchased two sets 5t single girder overhead crane same year. In his workshop, there is no runway beam and the space from bracket to ceil is very limited, our engineer gave special design of the runway beam to make sure enough space for crane installation.

This year (2022), Michael asked whether the runway beam can bear more cranes, because of his business enlarge, one crane on each bay is not enough. Then i asked our engineer recalculated the runway beam. Fortunately, it is enough to bear two cranes on each bay. Then Michael ordered two sets crane same as the previous cranes.

Meanwhile, Michael is very satisfy with our installation service, before delivery, he asked to arrange Mr Huo do the install crane once we delivery the cranes.
One time cooperation, friendship be forever. High-quality products and services have laid the foundation for our long-term friendship.

Delivery in 2016

Delivery in 2016

Delivery in 2022

ShipmentDelivery in 2022

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