Industrial Bridge Cranes Is Composed Of Three Major Components

April 13, 2013

Industrial bridge cranes are material handling equipment used for lifting and moving heavy loads from one point to another. Industrial bridge cranes usually traverse a horizontal path and make use of a hoist and trolley to lift or lower objects.
The industrial bridge crane is often called an overhead crane or overhead traveling crane. It is also commonly referred to as a suspended crane and is composed of three major components: a bridge, a runway, and a hoist and trolley.

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The bridge is a horizontal beam that is positioned along the path where goods and materials are to be transported. It bridges or connects the place where materials are located to the place where materials are to be deposited. The extremely useful piece of equipment can have one beam or two. The single beam variety are ideal for light or moderate material handling applications. The double beam variety are designed for loads weighing 10 tons or more.

The bridge can be adjusted horizontally along the runway. The runway beams are located on each end of the bridge crane. They are typically attached to the walls of the industrial facility. For heavy loads, it is best to connect the runways to a wall structure for maximum safety. For light applications the free-standing industrial models are available.

The hoist and trolley, along with the bridge and the runway, make up the equipment's three main components. The hoist and trolley is a hook-and-line system that runs along the length of the material handling equipment. It is used for hoisting up objects and then dropping them at appointed destinations.

With the aid of this material handling equipment, loads can be easily transported back and forth between opposite sides of an industrial facility. The unit moves along the length of the facility while the hoist and trolley moves along the width of the facility. This equipment is vital in the material handling operations in various industries. They are commonly used in the steel and automobile industries where they are used to carry and transport steel and raw materials.

These all important pieces of machinery are also indispensable in the upkeep and maintenance of paper mills and other business facilities where require heavy supplies and equipment are frequently moved and relocated. Industrial businesses, especially those involved in the construction industry, can save on operating costs by purchasing their own bridge crane as opposed to renting the crane.

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